Easily use multiple chef servers with knife

I recently have taken on a project that involves entirely rewriting our chef repository, as well as upgrading chef and chef server. To do this I figured it would be easier to build a new chef server and use that...

Connection pooling with Stillwater

What is it

Stillwater is a simple connection pooling gem that enables you to pool connections to multiple servers or any other Object you want.


Here at Outright we were wanting to have our queue servers be...

git, hub, and pull requests = awesome daily workflow

Recently where I work we started using personal forks of our main project to reduce the amount of left over branches and to increase amount of code review that is done.

Right now there isn’t really a clear workflow for...

Heroku and Mongoid

I wanted to play around with Heroku a bit the other day since I didn’t feel like spinning up a new server at Rackspace to hack on a new idea I had. Like the last time I messed around with...

Why zsh is awesome

Just some quick thoughts on why I love zsh so much more than bash.


I am constantly typing things like: cat somefile | sometext I just missed that grep before sometext. That is where zsh’s method_missing type functionality...

Moving my blog to Jekyll

So I am currently in the process of moving over the current http://blog.trobrock.com over to Jekyll running on github pages, so be patient if things aren’t working well.

I am also going to be using strictly HTML5 and CSS3 features...